Closures & Caps

  • In mould closing via horizontal mechanism or vertical mechanism

  • Unscrewing moulds via rack or Servo/Hydro motors

  • Bump off ejection via dual and triple ejection system

  • Pilot tool to 8,16,24,32,48,64,72 cavitation possible

  • Various coating and surfacing finishing technologies

Packaging Moulds

  • Multicavity Cutlery moulds from 12 cavity to 48 cavity

  • Automation Support for IML and high speed EOAT robot
  • Premium high speed Thin wall molds for disposable packaging

  • Single face moulds 2,4,6,8,12 configuration

  • Stack moulds in 2+2,4+4,8+8 configuration

Medical Moulds

  • Centrifugal tube, Syringe , Pipette tips

  • Medical device components
  • Test kits

  • Dosing systems, Inhalers

  • Project development and pilot tools

Moulds with flash can be repaired

  • Fixing mould parting lines
  • Laser welding
  • Rebalancing of mould

Slow cooling moulds can be debottlenecked

  • Cooling channel optimization
  • Additional/redesign of cooling lines
  • Unblocking/descaling of cooling lines

Multi cavity mould running with gate imbalances can be fixed.

  • Flash vs short shot balancing
  • Mould base repair
  • Rebalancing of mould
  • HR heater repair
  • HRC controller testing
  • Upgrading of HR or upgrading to HR

Moulds with cracked inserts can be replaced or welded.

  • Replacements of cracked components by reverse engineering.
  • Welding of cracked components
  • Replacement of mould accessories
    ( pillar/guide bush/ ejector pin/ locks/ counters/ guides/sliders)

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